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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Alternatives to Wealthtoolbox

You could tell from my Google Analytics Weekly Overview that 'Wealthtoolbox' and 'Wealthtoolbox scam' are my two top keywords people type into Google to find this site. It is a great shame that Wealthtoolbox is not a program that I support or I would have a zillion referrals in just a few days. I have made this brief list of alternatives to Wealthtoolbox for all those of you who found this site via that keyword and were disappointed by My negative review of it.

The sites listed are all money making sites that I trust. They are not HYIP's (high yield investment programs) like Wealthtoolbox is because I simply don’t trust any HYIP's; instead they are other ways of making money online, all of which are FREE .

1. Mylot.
Basic overview
You get paid for posting and taking part on the forum.

Detailed overview
You get paid on Mylot for:

1. Starting discussions (the more replies you get the more you earn, so its in your interests to make them interesting – this makes Mylot a great community to be a part of!)
2. Replying to other peoples discussions (you get more if you do a more in depth post - about 4 lines or more)
3. Uploading relevant images to your replies and/or discussions
4. Uploading images to your interests (you get more if you write about them)
5. Getting referrals (you get to keep 25% of your referrals earnings - they do not lose anything)

Note: you do not get paid for replying to discussions you have started, but you should still do this as it can help to keep the discussion going and will make you a more respected member.
Join Mylot.

2. SlashMySearch
Basic overview
- Get paid to brows the web with the SlashMySearch search engine.
- Earn from 65% of your referrals earnings

For a Detailed overview see my indepth review and proof of payment.

Basic Overview
- Get paid to browse the web using the 3. AGLOCO custom Toolbar.
- Make lots of money when AGLOCO goes on the stock market at the end of the year.
- Earn from your referrals

For a detailed overview see this post about AGLOCO.

4. Text Link Ads For webmasters/bloggers only
Basic overview
- Get paid to publish Textlinkads on your site.
- Advertise on other people’s sites, there is a free £100 starter coupon.


Agloco said...

Nice blog. Keep up the good work.

matt608 said...

Thanks, I will!

Anonymous said...

Are these available for India users? I am in India and I want to know if I can earn money using these programs.

matt608 said...

Myloy is majority Indian! It is definaly available for Indian users.

Textlinkads is Global too but you need to have a popular website to make money from it.

AGLOCO is Global, and so yes you can sign up and make referrals your self.

As for SlashMySearch, I am unsure, but I think it is available in India.