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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

John Chow - 1000 AGLOCO signups in 10 Days!

As you know I have been following John Chow's AGLOCO success (that post explains how his direct referrals alone will make him over $15,000 in shares). Earlier today he announced:

"Barely 10 days after reaching 4,000 AGLOCO sign ups, I have passed the 5,000 sign up mark in my AGLOCO network. As I write this post, I am sitting at 5,072 total referrals with 571 Directs.".

This shows the awesome power of viral marketing and is an inspiration to us all. I have 30 people in my AGLOCO network network, 19 of which are direct. The Simmons report explains that on average each direct referral will be worth approximately $30 in shares. This means if they were to float on the stock market later today (which won't actually happen until the end of the year) my network would be worth:

30x19= $570 in shares. Along with the $150 I am worth (each active member/founder is estimated to be worth $150) that brings the total up to $720. That doesn't take into account my indirect referrals and earnings from them using Viewbar, which is "currently slated for March" release. Once it is released the number of people looking to sign up will skyrocket meaning more potential referrals but more competition. You can get ahead of the game and Join my AGLOCO network.


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rob stgeorge said...

Hi Great Blog! I have placed a link to you on my site The million dollar experiment down under under "Like Minded Blogs" - Rob

Johnny Cash said...

Hi Matt,

I have added your blog under "Liked Minded Blogs" section.

(Sorry to Rob, I stole the name, "Like Minded Blogs" from your site)

DotMySpot said...

WOW Matt @@" Good info! :D

Agloco said...

I am inspired by looking at the stats.

Agloco said...

Hey, great job... keep up the good work.