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Friday, 26 January 2007

WealthToolbox - A Scam?

You may have heard the word spreading about Wealthtoolbox. They say that once you join you get $50 added into your account and another $50 for each person you refer and that this is for a limited time only.

I thought it looked dodgy so I took a careful read of their terms of service and found that it is a HYIP and that your free $50 is being invested and sold by Wealthtoolbox. The most shocking thing is that you do not get a payout until 24months after you invest! This makes my Payout date: January 20, 2009.

I thought OK so it looks dodgy and won’t affect me for 2 years but there seemed to be little risk involved, as the money invested was free.

I am yet to find a catch but I do not fully understand what the point of it is for Wealthtoolbox either.

Anyway, I decided to go for it and sign up. I made one quick referral taking my balace to $100

I checked back earlier today and it seems wealthtoolbox have been busy. I was greeted with this message:

"Our most recent trade: January 22, 2007.
Action Taken: Bought EUR/USD at 1.2930, then sold at 1.2952.
Profit/Loss: +6%"

Which brings my balace to $116. Who knows if they will payout or not but I thought it is worth a go.

If you want to sign up then click here

If I were you I would stick to a more reliable affiliate program like Mylot or AGLOCO.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

I found that your blog is very interesting!!

I was wondering if it's okay if we exchanging links?, I've already added your blog to my list of links at ( I call it AGLOCO BREEZY)

Sorry to use this column, i couldn't find your e-mail address to make it more personal.

my e-mail is

Thanks heaps anyway..

I hope to hear from you soon.


cwilson26 said...

A lot of people are very skeptical about Wealth Toolbox. I am also a member and have been since December 27th, 2006 so my payout will be December 27th, 2008 but did you see the part of the terms of service where they say you can request to get your full or at least half of your payment sooner at their discretion? After reading this I decided to send them an email last night asking them how I could go about getting my money sooner. Even if it is only half of it that would be great.

My account is up to $463.72 after only 2 months. I haven't received a response from them yet but once I do I will be posting it on my blog so keep checking back. The way I see it is we really have nothing to lose because we didn't have to put our own money up for this.

One person on Mylot started a discussion about Wealth Toolbox and how they were worried because what if the stock they buy comes back as a loss and we lose our money and end up having to pay them for it. I responded that the only information we have to give them is our email address so how can they get the money from us? I'm not worried about them because like I said it is not my money I had to put up so why worry? Anyway did you know they are also adding $5 to our accounts for everyday we log in? I got the email last week and I think that is pretty cool. Yeah it might be too good to be true but there is only one way to find out and that is wait until we get paid or not. Just thought I would add my opinion on this. Talk to you later. :)

matt608 said...

hmm that is interesting. How did you email them? I had a look but I couldnt find their address anywhere. can you tell me their address?

John Diffenthal said...

The source of their outbound emails is and as we know, every reputable business uses gmail as their primary email system.

MillionaireBoysClub said...

Thanks alot for the very useful informations of WealthToolBox, was really skeptical as the website only has 2 pages, haha. 2 years is a long time to get your paid out, haha.

But good luck to you guys :)

Jel said...

Hi Matt

I believe I have found Wealth Toolboxes catch and I so know this was coming.

I received an email today telling me that I must create a username and password to transfer my account to this new application called Hive Attack, I tried to create a username and password and It kept telling me that my username was in use by someone else.

What a Crock, I have written them an email, I replied to the one they sent me.

Is there anyone out there who has received this email. I would really like to know what you all think of this?


ricksgal said...

Hi, my husband and I are both members of wealthtoolbox. we have received the message about creating new usernames but are having the same problem, they are all in use, now you tell me who would create a username called bucketspit? I tried that one and it too is in use! My husband found a telephone number for a Paul Benson in the UK for wealthtoolbox. it is: 91582613480 : I don't know what the country code is but shouldn't be too hard to find. If anyone learns anything new please let us know at

YunYun said...

I tried to create a username and password for 3 days without success too! It keep saying that the username I created has been used!

Ken said...

I am having the same problems. None of my usernames work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt, in response to Jel.

I got the same email about logging in and transferring my account into this Hive Attack. I did it and it worked flawlessly.

It's supposed to be a program that contributes CPU power from many peoples computers to enable them to process a huge calculation on predicting the stock they trade in.

I stay logged in and this little number counter keeps climbing and my dollar ammount has grown from $530 to over $1132 and as of this moment I have processed 77 Data Units... what ever that means?

So it is some sort of functioning program and they say that they will have answers to our questions from the new login area soon....

Robert from

Anonymous said...


I received the email too. Tried all sorts of usernames that could not be in use. I'm not sure if the flash app does anything. It might be storing the usernames and passwords that you enter. They may have been trying to use these to hack into your email accounts thinking that alot of people use the same password for most online activity.
If you try and enter a username and password while not connected to the internet it seems to hang.
Tried it again this morning and it allows you to create an account. You can then log in and it shows you your earnings and no. of days till payout.
They may of just been having problems over the last few days.

I have to wait 351 days!!!


Sheriff said...

I received the e-mail telling me to create an account. I clicked on it and created a user name and it too told me the username was taken.
I've tried with 2 dozen different user names and still the same message.

I'm supposed to have over $1300 in my account.

Anonymous said...


I also got an email from WealthToolbox about the need to create a new Beehive account.

No matter what user id I tried to create, it said that it was invalid.

It obviously must be a big scam!

I have $6200 in my Wealthtoolbox account.


sunni said...

I also belong to Wealthtoolbox. Have since Dec. of 2006. I received the same e-mail as you did about Hive Attack. I got the same message as you when I tried to select a user name. I have tried many, many times for the last four days to no avail. Sent them a reply to their e-mail about this but have received no answer.
Am thinking this is just their way of not having to pay out what they owe people who have joined.

jryan2479 said...

Hi Matt

I also am a member of WealthToolbox and their new program is HiveAttack. Apparently it is still in a sort of "beta test", but it supposedly requires using every member's computer to increase the profit margin. I have entered this HiveAttack program and after two days have seen a substantial increase in my earnings. As I speak, the program is evening itself out, so I am taking a short loss, but I'll keep monitoring it and let you know what I think.

Anonymous said...

Yes INDEED this has happened to me and $1,300 goes down the drain !!

Roxy said...


My partner tried to log into his account with WealthToolBox earlier today. After entering his email address in the space provided, he was greeted by the message about things changing and him having to create a username and password. After trying several different, unique usernames he eventually gave up.

After he told me about it, I decided to give it a go - just to make sure that he did get it right. After trying 2 ultra unique usernames and receiving the message that they were already taken, I gave up with the sole intention of informing as many people as I can about them.

WealthToolBox is a scam - they have absolutely NO intention of paying anyone out. I had this feeling all along about them as I have been burned before online in the past so this really came as no surprise.

As the old saying goes: If something seems to good to be true........

Wishing everyone all the best,


Wendy said...

Hi Jel,

I got the same email asking to create a username and password or have my account deleted. I have over $1000 in it. I've tried almost 50 usernames including quite a few that are as long as is allowed and made up of a weird combination of letters and numbers. Amazingly every single one of them was being used by someone else. The mathematic probability of that must be enormous. Anyway, it's obviously a way of getting out of paying us the money with as little trouble as possible.

BlaTaN said...

I recieved that same exact email from WealthToolBox, asking me to login to there site and create a username and password also. I did and haven't ahd any problems with it. I have also been running the Hive Attack as much as possible and made $4000+ already. Again it will be interesting in 350 days time whether or not a payout will be made. To answer you question Jel, yes I got the email, and, No, I haven't had any issues.

Anonymous said...

My daughter had the same problem but wo she used our computer so create her username etc and then we told her to ALLOW cookies and/or JAVA script and when she did that she now gets in without any problems.


alwayshappens said...

Hi, I also received the email and tried to create a new user name and password for the new "hiveattack". No luck with hundreds of various names & numbers etc...
My only concern is they required a paypal email address for the supposed payoff date 24 months down the road. I have since changed my personal information in paypal. The spam mail that has been coming in by the hundreds is mostly filtered out. It is a scam but I have spent nothing more than a little time invested with this adventure. Other people in blogs are reporting they have been able to create a new name and password. I say good luck to them. If my account gets closed... I walk away. Wishing you all the best and hopefully with good fortune!

Rich said...

I was also getting that "already in use" message. Did a hunt on the web and found that if you use Firefox, the process works.

It uses Flash in that area and, for some odd reason, IE (v6 anyway) does not work correctly with it.

I now have a username setup and will wait, watch and see...

jackidesigns said...

I have only been a mamber since Jan 08 & I love it. Not only have I managed to get well over $2000 so far but so has my 14yo & my husband & payout is now Jan 15 2009 for us. I let it run all day & night & even if I get -$100 I make it up more than that in a few data units.

Don't know how it is a scam when you don't have to fork out any money & you don't really have to do anything except be logged in. Sorry but scams are where you either lose your own money OR when you have to actually do something in order to get it. said...

I have been having the same issues with entering a user name!
I guess it's one way to cancel a account.
Comes back to getting something for nothing.....


Jel said...

Hi all, so I am obviously not the only one. Of course it is a scam. Just because we did not invest any money into this does not mean it's not a scam.

It could be as one writer pointed out that they are after email addresses and passwords. I got a weird email recently telling me that my paypal account was closed. What is that about? Paypal still have not gotten back to.

These people could be hackers, and could want that information to log into your net banking or anything. That is what worries me about it.

I don't care anymore, I have changes all of my passwords, just to be safe and if they close out my account, too bad so sad, I did not invest my money. But the people who are spending time working on this hive thing, well let's just see if you see any money.

I don't have time to waste on something that will not be beneficial to me in the long run. I am already up to my neck in the business I have online and it takes a lot of my time to run it.

Good luck everyone and keep us all informed.

Best wishes

jryan2479 said...


I just checked the site and it no longer has a link for their "Hive Attack" program. Now, it's a signup box for a "Wealth Training" program. This company changes faces as often as I change socks. There is NO reference to "Hive Attack" anywhere on the site. Obviously it is a scam or someone attempting to build a mailing list without saying so.

WTB is a scam said...

Yes it is a scam. After joining for free last February and watching my account grow for a couple of months, they promoted a Forex Power Strategy Course last April. They kept pushing it at a "reduced" rate of $99. It started off alright. Lessons were given regularly in the backoffice for about 2 months. Then the lessons stopped abruptly on August 20th with no explanation and no further communication, leaving everyone who purchased the course hanging. So this proves that they just try to string you along for a while, sell a course, string you along some more, then repeat the process all over again to more unsuspecting victims.

Anonymous said...

I have stuck it out with I actually tried Json Steele's Forex Power Strategy Course and it was really informative.

Supposidly on February 22nd, 2008, he is going to reopen his class and there are only 500 slots opened!

Pretty interesting... You might want to check it out!

If you do, use my link:


Chris said...

I just thought I'd add that WealthToolBox has moved to be a scam. They closed all accounts and used all the emails to promote their new opt-in money making training group.....lame.

Victor A. Roestad said...

Well, I guess you where right. They only kept it going for one year and now the program has changed and not a word on what's happening with our earnings, only a new training group to we always though, but never wanted to believe. They where a SCAM.

Suray said...

People should beware with this site! This is a site that just collecting its members' emails, then it will be sold to companies that are running online marketing strategies, such as massive sending of newsletter to email lists that stored at their databases!

Do not fool yourself with unrealistic offering such as a program that has offered! I've earned $1,600, then suddenly, I cannot login to its site, all the money that I've collected are gone forever!!