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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Vizu Poll Madness!

You may have noticed the poll I have added to this blog. Polls are a great way to make your site 'sticky', or interactive with the readers. Some of the voters may be interested in finding out the result of the poll and so may come back later, or they may just have a vague recollection of the site being more interesting, increasing the chances of their return. The poll I have made however is not a Vizu answerspoll, but a free poll I made over at, which by the way are really easy to create.

So What is Vizu answers and what does it have to do with anything??
- Vizu answers provide your site with polls
- You earn per 1000 page impressions (CPM)
- You can customise the poll's colours and layout to suit your site
- The Polls are 'targeted' to your sites topic - but are not contextual so they can be used with AdSense
- You don't have to meet any 'entry requirements'.

So why am I not using a Visu poll right now?
The simple answer is that I want to, but can't... and I wasn't 'rejected' either. I signed up about a week ago, but today they replied with this email:

"Due to the rapid growth of our distribution network, we have arrived at the point where supply has started to exceeded demand. Since the current research is being spread across a larger number of sites, your Poll Zone fill rates may be temporarily lower than average. As a remedy to this problem, we have implemented a wait list (approval process) for all new incoming publishers to ensure that we increase the network size at a rate commensurate with the growth in Client revenue."

So I guess I am on that waiting list. Be careful not to take this email the wrong way, they are not 'scamming' me or anything, I really do trust this company because a couple of other bloggers I 'network with' and read e.g. DotmySpot and DoshDosh have had some success with Vizu.

The email also had a 'feedback' section, which also took the form of a poll!! LOL! They are poll mad!

I will be making a brief weekly post (every Wednesday) about the results of the poll; that is until the Visu polls arrive and I have no way of knowing if a post about them will be appropriate. So Stay tuned!.

1 comment:

Sidhu said...

I see that you are using Vizu Polls now. How much time it took for you to be accepted in Vizu Answers? I registered in July and its october now, but still not accepted. :(