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Saturday, 24 February 2007

Google Analytics - Week 7 Overview

I previously promised to show you all how much traffic this site gets, and where it gets it from. I will do this every week, in the form of a Google Analytics Overview. I will do this by going through Google Analytics and picking out the most important graphs/charts and explaining them to you. The plan is, that I will become proud of these reports because they will be a way of boasting about all the traffic I get, which at the moment is not the case.... So why am I doing it so soon?

Because you love it!. I would love to see the traffic stats for the blogs I read, it would be fascinating and I am guessing you are the same. I also hope that it will catch on and I will be able to see the traffic stats of the blogs I read, not to mention that it helps me unravel things in my mind.

So lets get going!

You can click all the images to enlarge them.

This graph is of my traffic for the week. The Blue line is the number of unique visitors. You can see it hovers around the 100 mark for most of the week, starting at its lowest of 89 and moving on up to 157. I am obviously very happy with this increase, although I do not think it will last. I would say that my weakest post all week has been the one on the Text Link Ads Calculator. However that post was on Tuesday, not Wednesday, (when the traffic dropped). Perhaps it took a day to get listed by the search engines, who knows…

Wednesday had the post called Article Marketing is a Waste of Time? which I though was quite good (lol). Anyway, the internet does have its 'off days' when there is just less traffic due to chance... I may not know the reason for the decrease in traffic midweek, but I do know the cause of the increase. Read on to find out...

This is where it gets interesting. This screen shot shows the top 10 referring sources for this blog. What I first noticed when I saw this is that it is very different from usual and can be used to explain the sudden bloom in traffic over the last couple of days. Firstly, I normally only get a couple of referrals from Dotmyspot but this week I am in the featured sites list, which brought me more, so thanks Michael!

Secondly, Mylot referrals are much higher that usual, this is because I have been doing more posting there than usual to promote this blog and also SlashMySearch (as part of my experiment with it, which proved very effective, getting me 8 referrals over night :D). While messing around on the SlashMySearch forum, I did a little blog promotion, which as you can see got me 10 referrals. This leads me on nicely to the next chart...

This shows the content that has attracted the most visitors. Everything is pretty much as usual, apart from No.4. Can you guess what it is? Yes it's the SlashMySearch post! It all fits together!


1. I discovered SlashMySearch and wrote a post about it, which was popular in the search engines because its a new program and there is very little competition, which brought me some traffic.
2. I promoted it in Mylot, which got me some traffic (and signups).
3. I also did more networking this week that usual. I actively commented on the blogs I read, many of the authors returned the favour or at least came for a visit.
4. The Z list has helped boost my Technorati ranking, bringing me slightly more traffic from there.
5. I am in the Dotmyspot featured blogs list, bring more traffic.
6. My earnings report was popular, people like to hear the grit and know the details.

Isn't it weird how it all fits together?

To end I will throw in this chart of my new vs. returning visitors.

This shows the balance I have. Returning visors read more and more actively participate, but first timers probably click more ads. I have happy with this ratio, the fairly large number of returning visitors shows I am not writing a load of crap, and the new ones show my SEO is going well.

I am interested to know your feedback on all this. Would you like a post like this every week? Or maybe every other week? It’s all done For you!


cwilson26 said...

This is really awesome traffic that you get. I have only been getting about 10 or 11 visits a day which I think is good because I'm new at this still. But of course I would love more traffic. I have also been getting good results from Mylot and Technorati. I haven't posted in the SlashMySearch forum yet but I plan to do so as soon as I can. In fact I plan on posting in there quite a bit tomorrow. I have also been getting good results from The"Ultimate Make Money Online"Blog Have you posted on this blog yet? You probably already know about it but in case you don't it is a blog with a bunch of money making blogs put together. You can write a post in your blog and then copy and paste it into that blog. The blog owner also randomly pays his contributors. A friend of mine got paid $5 for posting in it. Anyway if you haven't already started contributing to this blog then go here:

I have also been getting good results from google blog search and a couple of other blogs that have my link on them.I am using sitemeter but find this google thing interesting and would like more information on this. This looks like a more in depth report and I would very much like to check it out. Thanks for the report and keep up the good work. :)

matt608 said...

Thanks cwilson! Don't worry that you are getting just 10 or 11 visits, your traffic will build up over time. As long as you are doing all the SEO stuff like submitting to search engines, directories, getting inbound links, post regularly etc.

And yes I am one of the contributers on the Ultimate Make money online blog. I have only posted on it once so far...but when ever I check back there, somehas allready posted on that day! I need a gap!

cwilson26 said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement. The only thing I don't know if I'm doing right is that I have only submitted to the search engines a couple of times. Am I supposed to do it more often? How do I know when I should do it?

Also thanks for the comment on my blog. Here is the email for Wealth Toolbox:

I found this when I received an email from them. They send emails sometimes when my account grows. They don't send them as often as they should but this is the only way I was able to find the email. I still haven't received an email from them but since it's the weekend I'm hoping maybe I will get one soon. I hope all of the encouragement I have been giving people about them wasn't all for nothing. Of course no one can call me a liar if they do turn out to be a scam because I simply told the truth which is, no one really knows if they are a scam or not because none of us has gotten paid yet. Also since it's free to sign up then what are we losing anyway? I just hope I'm right about them and that they aren't a scam. I check the terms of service more often now just in case something changes. But this is how I found out that we might be able to get at least half of our payment before the 2 years are up. Anyway good luck in getting a response from them and as soon as I do I will be posting it on my blog. Take care. :)

matt608 said...

OK, thanks, I will email wealthtoolbox myself and see what they say (if anything).

You should only need to submit your site to the search engines one time. If you do it more than a couple you may be banned (especially on DMOZ which can take up to 6 months, you have to be patient). It took me 2 months to be listed by Alexa and a few weeks for yahoo. Google I found was the quickest by far.