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Saturday, 10 February 2007

Target for February already hit!

You may remember that back in my'Looking up the Skirt of January as she goes past' post I aimed to "Get into the Technorati top 100,000". At the time I was ranked about 170,000. Well as of today I am ranked 77,227! This is an increase of nearly 100,000 in a week or so! You can imagine I am very happy about this.

Things are starting to look up 'at last'. I have been working on this blog for about 6 weeks now and it seems that I have finally recruited a worthy AGLOCO referral who is actually getting some referrals him/herself. On Bestcashrewards I am tantalizingly close to attaining the number of referrals required for payment. Their site is currently under repairs so forgive me if that link doesn’t work properly.

Mylot is plodding away as usual. I rarely post on there any more but my referrals are earning me a little each day. I haven’t made any new referrals on Text Link Ads but I am still pleased with them because they sent me my first ever check from 'the internet' for $25 for a referral I made in January.

So the moral of the story is just to stick at it!


DotMySpot said...

WOW! @@" Congrats man! :D Your site has such a huge traffic! :D

*Thumbs up!*

matt608 said...

Thanks, its gone up to being ranked 60,00 now!