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Friday, 9 February 2007

BlogToProfit - A Trial

Michael over at DotMySpot has been having success with BlogToProfit. BlogToProfit pays you to post on your blog. Michael has been receiving offers for $5 a post. I see no downside as long as the posts are relevant to the topic of the site. This means I will now have several options for content. I can either:

1. Find something to write about myself by surfing the net and reading blogs. (good because I can submit it to article directories and I develop my understanding of the net).

2. Find something to write about by using Google Alerts. (good because its up to-date news which people like and will bring more traffic from places like Digg).

3. Write sponsored posts from BlogToProfit (which is good because It makes me money directly and saves time in searching for what to write about).

I will be using a combination of these to keep content varied. I will tell you about my experience with BlogToProfit in a week or so once it gets going. It has been snowing here in Cambridge today and I am snowed in so I will be busy on this blog for most of the day!

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