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Friday, 2 February 2007

Looking up the skirt of January as she goes past

January has seen a boom in both my knowledge and for this blog. It is now just over a month old and has over 60 'decent' posts, which isn't bad for its first month. Its traffic has steadily grown although is still far from what I'd like. I used to struggle to get 100 visitors per day but now if I make just 1 post a day this blog gets at least 120 visitors. Money wise, my AdSense earnings have significantly increased since I repositioned them to be in their current positions, although much more traffic is needed to make a decent amount. I have made lots of online contacts and personally I have learnt a huge amount, which I have tried to pass on to you.

Aims for February:

- Provide a blog that people actually find useful and isn't just me displaying my knowledge.

- Increase traffic to 300 visitors a day if I make one post per day.

- Get into the Technorati top 100,000 (at the moment I’m ranked about 170,00).

- Get Dugg once (achieving this would basically mean I achieve my other aims)

- Get 100 people in my AGLOCO network (at the moment I have 25)

- Get to Level 7 on Bestcashrewards (at the moment I am on Level 3)

- Get listed in DMOZ the free directory/Alexa, (I submitted many moons ago but its still not listed; this isn't an aim I actually have any influence over). This will allow me to get a Google Pagerank at the next update and which means I will be able to display Textlink ads.

I believe every one is achievable. It will take a lot of work but will set me in good stead for the rest of the year.

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