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Sunday, 11 February 2007

Affiliate Marketing - Behind the Links

Affiliate marketing has become a major source of revenue for lots of major sites. Buy WHY is this and why isn't EVERYONE being successful?

A simple answer would be that people often choose the wrong affiliate program. Unfortunately there is no single 'magical' affiliate program that spans every niche and can be used by everyone, although I think Text Link Ads comes pretty close. That's because it is for advertisers and publishers, which is just about everyone.

So, Text Link Ads is a good start, but what are it's pros + cons?


- High Entry Requirements for publishers (this is a con for publishers + the short term). For a publisher to be accepted their site must have a high enough Google Page Rank, enough traffic and must rank high enough in Alexa. This means at a lot of people who click your link and sign up still won’t make you a dime.

- For you to receive payment a publisher must install an advertising script for a minimum of seven days. Some publishers will fail in this department and again will earn you nothing.


- Commissions are high, you make $25 for every advertiser/publisher you successfully refer.

- Advertisers are much easier to refer. This is because TLA offers $100 in free links as a 'starter package' for advertisers, which gets them very, exited. Due to the high entry requirements for publishers the standard of websites available for advertisers is kept high, which is appealing. Also the wait for you to earn from advertisers you refer is just 24 hours after they purchase a link.

- Text Link Ads provide you with some well designed text links and banners that you can use for promotion like the one below:
Text Link Ads

So, thats a little about Text Link Ads. Remember if you are publisher and are rejected you can always make money using the affiliate program. If you were to make just 1 referral a day it would add up to $750 a month and that says it all really.

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