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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

AGLOCO scam Searchers

According to Hittail and Google Analytics The to two Google search terms that people type in to find this site are 'AGLOCO scam' and 'Wealthtoolbox'. I am a member of Wealthtoolbox but I did not write a very flattering review of them as I am suspicious about them and warn people to proceed with caution. It can therefore be expected that people are not going to sign up to Wealthtoolbox through my link. AGLOCO however is a different story. I have made a number of posts about it, all of which are positive because I really do believe AGLOCO will make a big difference (by difference I mean MONEY). Even the big boys like John Chow are on about it. What’s interesting though is that most people find my AGLOCO posts by typing 'ALOCO scam' into Google which means they already have doubts about it. Only a small number of people who read my AGLOCO posts actually sign up. I suppose you could argue that this is because they already have that doubt and I am simply failing to persuade them, although I think there is more to it than this.

There are 3 types of network marketer:

The first type are the sort of people who will believe anything and sign up to anything without question. They are unsuccessful because there are far more 'scams' out there an genuine moneymakers. They are what we know as SUCKERS!

The second type is the opposite. They are the sort of people who don't trust anybody at all and will never be convinced to sign up to anything. Perhaps they are 'born again suckers' and are afraid of being had 'yet again'. They are unsuccessful as well, because they never do anything or take any risks to make money online.

The third type have the balance just right. They question the 'genuineness' of an affiliate program/online scheme' and make a decision that is not always negative OR positive. They separate the wheat from the chaff and end up becoming members of only the very best programs. They are successful and live happily ever after.

It seems that the second type is the largest. It is made up of 'born again suckers' and unfortunate people who were BORN THE FIRST TIME LIKE THAT. In my medium/small downline of 25 ALOGOCO referrals; the chances are a few of them are the first type, who just followed my advice blindly and a few will be the third type; who had maybe heard about ALOGOCO before and felt they had enough information to think, 'it's free, I make money even if I don't refer anyone but even more if I do and if the company does well I will make a bomb in shares'.

Decide now WHICH TYPE YOUE ARE and if you are the third type thenSign up for AGLOCO as my referral now

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Garry Conn said...

You make it very difficult for people to contact you. It would be helpful to provide a contact page for people that want to get in contact with you.

I have noticed that you posted on Amazon's Associate Discussion board and want to speak with you about an idea I have. Please contact me.