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Monday, 5 February 2007

Adult Friend Finder

I am starting up a new blog at Adult Friend Finder Info. I am hoping it will become a major souce of revenue. Mike from Mikesmoneymakingmission has had earned over $300 using their affiliate program. So far my new blog is extremely undeveloped and I will be working on it allot this week. There is no need to panic, I will still be updating this blog daily as well! I have outlined on my new site how you can make money with Adult Friend Finder (and meet people online if you want to?). However my new site is more 'promotional' than this site. I will re-outline the earnings program here in a more down to earth way.

Every month Adult Friend Finder Pays out over $2,000,000 to their affiliates making their program the highest paying in the online personals industry. So there is a massive market. They make payments twice a month, on the 1st and 16th of the month providing you have earned the $50 minimum for payout. They have over 25 websites that you can promote to earn money. Mike found Adult Friend Finder (over 18s only) to be the most lucrative but you can chose to promote all 25 if you like. However, you cannot 'merge' your earnings together into one big happy check i.e. If you make $70 on ADULT Friend Finder and just $30 on Friend Finder you will only be sent $70 and have to wait till you reach over $50 with Friend Finder. It is up to you.

Commision Structure:

1. Pay Per click, the quickest and simplest of the 3. You earn up to $1 for each person who clicks on your link/banner. Payment rates change depending of the amount of traffic you send.

2. By Percentage of the earnings value, (50% - 70% depending on the volume and whether that person is making his/her first order or a recurring order.

3. A simple $30 payment what ever cost of the order.

Mike chose option 2 and has made no less than $306.26 with it.

There is the option of referring others. You earn 10% of the earnings of your referrals. This is really 'luck of the draw' and depends largly on the quality of your referral. Allow me to re-iterate, I have 7 Mylot referrals and 4 of them have never even posted and the 3 active ones have only made 53 posts between them. I am going to perserveer untill I get a highly active referral, and then KEEP going. Unfortunatly this applies for all affiliate programs!

Immediately after signing up I received a friendly welcome email and some banners. I have decided not to put any Adult Friend Finder banners on this site because it would over-clutter it and there isn't really a good place for them, also they are not really appropriate. There are some on my new blog over at Adult Friend Finder Info.

Become an Adult Friend Finder Affiliate

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