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Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Text link Ads - Payment

Yesterday I received my first ever check from Text Link Ads (aff link). The image is blurry but readable which what is important, just in case you thought I am telling porkies. I covered up my address and Text link ads address with pieces of paper. It is for $25 for a single referral I made on January 10th.

Text link ads place static HTML links of high quality, high traffic sites. They rejected this blog because of its lack of Google Pagerank, which it will get at the next update (I’m hoping for a PR4!!). If you are rejected to display ads you can still join their affiliate program and make money like I did. You make $25 for each member you refer who becomes an accepted publisher.

Text link ads are the first company I have actually received my payment from, they have been reliable and easy to promote due to their co-founder Darren Rowse' respectable public image as the problogger. The only bad thing I can think about them is that the print on my check is slightly smudged.... but that’s about it!

You can sign up to Text link ads through my affiliate link


Maki said...

Thanks for taking the effort to put up an image of the cheque.. nice to know that TLA is reliable when it comes to payment.

Incidentally, would you want to trade links with my blog? Do send me an email if you're keen.

Maki said...

Oops. Look like the previous link didn't work so here's the link to my email. :)