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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Review My Blog posts for Cash!

Before you say anything I am not starting yet another post that offers cash prizes from me to you for reviewing my blog. I am offering something even better.

I am joining the age-old PayPerPost crowd. Some have called it the 'dark side'. I call it the money side. My last post made me a cool $7.50 but PayPerPost have a clever way that enables you to make money by reviewing my blog!

Many of you know about this already, but this is the deal:

- Sign up to PayPerPost through one of the buttons I have added at the bottom of many of my blog posts. (PayPerPosts toughest entry requirement is that your blog must be at least 3 months old).
- PayPerPost pay you $7.50 for writing a review of one of my blog posts and posting it on your blog.
- PayPerPst pay me $7.50 too!

I'd say (obviously I would) that this is way better than having the 'chance to win' money for the best review. Provided you get in to PayPerPost you are guaranteed the cash!...and so am I :)

If you haven’t signed up to PayPerPost already then go through one of my buttons and make us both a quick and easy $7.50!

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