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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Largest Blog Comment Chain World Record Attempt

On the PayPerPost blog they are attemtping to create the largest 'comment chain' ever. They are aiming pretty high and are trying for 2000 comments where only 10% can be from the author of the post. Its pretty high because there are only about 10 so far!

What makes this even more insane is that they are offering $7.50 to anyone who blogs about it to spread the word. To do this you need to pass the payperpost entry requirements. Many bloggers are rejected because their blog isn't over 90 days old. This blog is just over 90days old and this is my first ever sponsored post from any sponsored posting service ever!

If you are already a member of Payperpost or you have a blog that is over 90 days old then why not head on over there and make some quick bucks! You might as well add a comment to their blog post while you're at it.


medotblog said...

hi matt,

how i wish i blog is 90 days old.. ;:D

rob stgeorge said...

Hi Matt, thanks for the link - about time buddy! I was already linked to you under "like minded blogs" - I hadn't realized until I went to add you but your were already there.

Also I have added your new site, affiliate programs, and would appreciate it if you would add my new site - guess what we even chose the same anaconda template - wow I havent seen anyone else use that yet.

Take it easy


Johnny Cash said...

Hi Matt,

welcome to the dark side! Join the force of sponsered review!

bhjayalaxmi said...

hello ,
matt your libk is already blinking on my blog.please check it under best links .I have made text successful online money making.


AhBoon said...

Hi Matt, I bump into your siet through JohnnyCash. I am running a little contest and would like you to take part.
thanks a lot.