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Friday, 13 April 2007

Blogs I actually read

As you can see this blog links out to way too many blogs in its sidebar. The blogroll and the 'my favourite sites' link lists are killing me softly. I guess I myself am too much of a softie and just can't say no to a little blogger who asks for a link exchange. It’s time to toughen up.

Believe it or not I don't read every single one of those blogs in my sidebar every day. In fact I tend to stick to a pretty select group. The blogs below are the blogs that I long-ago memorised the URL for and visit daily.

They are all about making money online and most of them specialise in blogging. I think that everyone in the list reads each others blogs and most of us are at fairly similar stages in the 'blogging journey'.

1. DotMySpot.
Is written by the Malaysian moneymaking master Michael. He may be working with me on a new project I have started in the near future....

2. Mikesmoneymakingmission. Mike has been on a mission to make money with free blogs and he seems to be doing well having made over UK£758.25 or US$1364.85. His blog is full of useful articles for 'all the family'.

3. How to Earn Money Blogging is written by Daryl. He has been blogging for 4 months and has progressed in leaps and bounds. His site has a snazzy new layout and it already has some juicy content.

4. DoshDosh is written by Maki. It is becoming well known for the high quality posts and the unique look of the site; because each post has a pretty anime picture at the top of every post. I can see DoshDosh going 'all the way'.

5. Kumiko's Cash Quest. Kumiko has made her name in the blogosphere by her controversial AGLOCO posts and snappy blogging style; which contrasts her seemingly happy pink site layout.

6. If this were a 'spot the difference' post then is the odd one out. This is because his blogging circle seems to be slightly different to mine and the bloggers mentioned above. His site has a totally unique design and is bursting to the brim with useful information to all of us 'make money online' bloggers. His site is specify about, "Successful Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Making Money Online and Everything Else". It would be great to see some you become regular readers of

I also read and Problogger on a daily basis but they are too big for a link exchange to get on my blogroll. Of course I do read some of the other blogs on my list from time to time but its impossible to read them all.

How many blogs do you actually read every day? Is my blog one of them? or maybe my other blog? ;)


Kumiko said...

Great post Matt and not just because you linked to me! I'm considering 'refining' my blogroll soon to just those that I read or have supported the site (you'll be kept in!).

I think more bloggers should do a post like this - it's a lot more useful than a blogroll for finding good sites!


jay said...

Hey Matt
I did a similar post a few days ago:
you made it into my list - apparently Greg has the pen now...we'll probably never see it again...ha ha, All the best - John

Garry Conn said...

Hey Matt,

Thanks for the mention, the wonderful compliments and being a regular reader of my blog.

matt608 said...


It's good to here I will be staying on your blogroll! Once the PR update happens I will do a load of blogroll sorting as well, and of course you will still be there!

Jay - I have commented on your blog, I read your blog every few days which is why it didn't make it onto my list, keep up the great blogging and I can see it become a daily affaire!

Garry - No problem at all, as well as being the plain honest truth I owe it to you for all your help.