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Monday, 9 April 2007

Google Page Rank isn't Everything

Its funny to see that with the impending Google Page Rank update everyone is scurrying around sorting out link exchanges and making their blog in tip top condition. It's almost as if Google is our mother coming to check up on us. We tidy our rooms, load the dishwasher and make sure we wear clean clothes. (some of you probably do this anyway... good for you!).

It is important to remember that Google, much like our mothers are not everything. Although the state of your blog at the time of the update is important, the old ways of getting a good ranking still apply.

What a higher Page Rank Does and can you achieve those things without it:

- Moves you up the rankings in Google for your keywords, sending you more traffic.

Page Rank helps with this but is not a necessity. The normal SEO techniques are still effective on blogs with a page rank of 0. Gaining inbound links and optimising your site for Google is still what it is all about.

- Allows you to be accepted by third parties to make more money from advertising E.G. Text Link Ads.

Garry conn doubts the importance of third parties and argues that you should do it yourself. However John Chow says its all about the relationship with the third party. I think for smaller-medium sized blogs third parties are defiantly the way to go; because after all, 'bad breath is better than no breath'. However for a site like Johns it’s easy to be nice to everyone including the third party.

- Allows you to be eligible for more sponsored posts. (This is a form of third parties advertising).

I'm taking about third parties like ReviewMe. There has been a raging debate in the blogosphere about writing sponsored posts. I say they are fine, but only in moderation. I have no problem with a blog I read making a few extra bucks by having the odd sponsored post here and there. However sponsored posts are often not written 'from the heart' and are not the bloggers actual point of view. Sponsored post run the danger of making the site lose its originality, and given that having unique content is what blogging is all about it then this is very bad!

I have previously written about the importance of blogging with personality; but as long as the normal, un-sponsored content continues as usual I have no problem with sponsored posts.

- Allows you to make link exchanges with more popular sites.

Link exchanges are a good way to get your site off the ground but as your Page Rank increases and your site becomes more popular they become less and less important. If your blog has good enough content you will be able to get 'natural' links from top sites anyway by 'link baiting'. I.E. If your contents stimulates a blogger to write about a similar topic they will probably use some of your ideas and reference you with a link in their post.

- Allows your blog to be accepted by directories that have a minimum page rank requirement.

- Is a way of promoting your blog, people like reading successful blogs. A higher pagerank indicates 'the blogger knows what he is doing'.

You can show you are a professional mannered blogger by your content and layout without displaying your PageRank. Remember most people don't even know what Google Page Rank is. Displaying it is only worthwhile on sites in certain niches.

This blog has been predicted a PR4,5 and 6 from various different predictors. As I have tried to explain, it is possible to have a successful blog without a high Google Page Rank. As long as I get PR4 I will be happy. My other site Affiliate Programs is predicted a PR3. If I can get that up to PR4 before the update I will be over the moon.

If you don't get the Page Rank you have been hoping for do not despair!. If you are battling to raise your predicted Page Rank just ask me for a link exchange. If I like your blog enough I might just go through with it.


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