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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

John Chow fans - Pass the Pen Game: Update!

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John Chow fans - Pass the Pen Game: Update!

Remember back in March I guessed John Chow's February income and won aa watch and a pen?

Since then the pen has travelled half way round the world!

It started off in the most capable hands of John Chow in Canada. It was then sent to me (1.) in Cambridge, England, UK which is where the Pass the pen game began.

Since then it has been to:
2. Cardiff (Wales, UK)

Where it was picked up by Jay from Monney4hunny.

3. Vancovuer (BC, Canada)

Where it was picked up by Greg Stratz from Stratz’s blog

To be sent the pen next head on over to Stratz’s blog where the rules are posted.

At the top of this post is my artistic map of where the John Chow pen has been. To get your county on the map and a mention from me you just have to be sent the pen and post it on your blog!

I’m sure some of you will make outrageous claims that England is ridiculously oversized; but we all know your lying (Mike will back me up on this). Shall we call it a political map?


Wendy Friedrich said...

Interesting site. Love the concept with the pen. Going to see if I can set it up on my blog
May get back to you for some questions.

Johnny Cash said...


If you search for "AGLOCO list" on Google, our list is no longer on top. I plan to do something about it. Are you interested to help?


matt608 said...

Thanks wendy, to get the Pen you just have to go to Stratz's blog and leave a comment (He has copied the full rules there).

Hi Johnny,
I spotted that too, but thanks for the much needed reminder! I have commented on the 'other list' (I made mine first! lol) suggesting that we combine list. Lets hope it happens.

jay said...

I'm missing the pen....

RR said...

Wow, what a lovely game!! You guys are real John Chow's fans!! Could i have the snap pic of that lucky pen? You guys should take a pic of that pen along with the one thing in your area that would prove the pen have been to that place. Like, if the pen went to India, maybe you could take the pic of the pen along with the Taj Mahal sign? Cos a mere pen would look incredibly small if you were to take a pic of it with the whole Taj Mahal, right? ^.^