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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

The Ultimate Alexa Redirect Experiment!

The Alexa ranking system uses many of the expected factors such as traffic and link popularity. However, some of us know the 'unofficial' ways to game the Alexa system. This doshdosh style experiment aims to discover if the number 1 unofficial method (the Alexa redirect) actually works or not.

Using the Alexa Redirect.

Placing this in front of the URL:

So a redirect for this site is:

An Alexa redirect only counts 'Once per day from an IP address' but how much effect does it actually have on the rankings? This experiment will last for one week and will finally give us some quantitative data about Alexa.

How to take part

1. Click this Alexa redirect. (It will take you straight back to this site)

Click me I'm a re-direct!

2. Click in the box that you have clicked the redirect.

Did you take part?
I clicked the re-direct today
I don't believe in blog science free polls

3. Come back tomorrow and repeat. The number of people who click each day determines how accurate and informative this experiment will be, so tell people about it!

I will have these instructions and the poll posted at the top of every post for this week so you won't have to go rummaging around in the archives to find this post each day.

Successful online money making ! currently has an Alexa rank of 251,591. At the end of the 7-day experiment we can see if there is any increase and how big that increase is. (I will work out the averages and some graphs for you).


Maki :: Dosh Dosh said...

I clicked on the link.. good luck with your experiment Matt!

I think it might be more helpful to point the reference to Dosh Dosh to my post on Alexa Ranking instead of the homepage, because some readers will not know much about Alexa Ranking :)

20 Quick Ways to Increase Your Alexa Rank

matt608 said...

Hey Maki,
thanks, it needs a lot more peope taking part to be useful! (maybe you could spread the word :p)

Nice idea. I have chaned the link so it points to your Alexa post

rommo said...
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Ari said...

I clicked on your link through your MyBloglog profile. Does that count?

matt608 said...

Yes ari that does count, thanks for reminded me I have redirects there!

Anonymous said...

Hi, did you find out if the redirect actually works? Or is it still abit of a grey area? When i chenged mybloglog url to a redirect myr ankings went up!