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Monday, 19 March 2007

John Chow fans - Pass the Pen Game!

My prize for winning John Chow's Guess my February income contest finally arrived! That’s me fondling it in the photo above. The photo below shows the entire contents of my happy little package, which to my surprise also had a couple of free pens and Johns business card for The Tech Zone. Im wearing the sexy watch as I write this... although the metal bits holding the strap together are very filmsy...

Moving on, I promised you a game and so you're going to get one!

I hereby officially start the John Chow Fans - Pass the Pen Game!.
The game is very simple and fun. It results in a laugh and some community bondage, as well as a little linking love. Below is a pic of the official John chow pen we will be 'passing'. Sorry for the terrible out of focus image, I blame my camera... You may be able to make out the words;" - The miscellaneous Ramblings of a dot com mogul".

but wait, how do we play?
1. The first person to comment on this post requesting that the pen be sent to them will be sent the pen! To be sent the pen you must have a blog and be a fan of John Chow. I must also have some degree of trust for you, so if your blog looks 'dodgy' or just plain crap I won't send you it! You must comment so everyone else can see, but email me your:

Address: (remember to include your country!)
Blog address:

to so I can send the pen to you.

2. When you receive the pen, take a photo of it and smack it on your blog! Copy and Paste this exact list of instructions on your blog (numbers 1-4), with my email address included.

3. Shoot me a quick email including a link to your post. I will then write a follow up post, including your site your name and your county, and we will be able to see where the pen has been!

4. I will then continue to write a follow up post for every person the pen visits, until we have a list of different countries where the pen has been! If you took part in The official John Chow Fans - Pass the Pen Game feel free to write a follow up post as well about where the pen has been.

What’s the point?
Firstly you will get several links from me, because each follow up post I write will include you. That is not really the aim of the game though, it is community building and is a bit of fun. Who knows where the pen will end up! You may think there is a risk here, after all someone could ruin the fun and just keep hold of the pen. This would result in bad press for them and it's hardly worth anything, its a biro! Anyway that is why I must trust the person I send it to.

So who wants to play Pass the pen?


WMA said...

This should be a lot of fun!
Congratulations on having the idea!

matt608 said...

I thought so too... but it doens't look like anyone wants to play!

Kumiko said...

I'd play but I don't want to pay for postage to the other side of the world!


matt608 said...

The postage would cost a bit.. but it's only a pen its pretty small.

jay said...

I'm up for it Matt - I'll send you an email in a little while...

matt608 said...

Great! I will sort out the postage :D