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Sunday, 29 April 2007

How To Get Targeted Visitors To Yours Website

First of all I would like to say hi to all the readers of Matt’s blog Successful Online Money Making. I’m Haroon author of Earning Blog and Blogging Haroon and I’m very happy that Matt is publishing my post on his Blog. It’s a post on SEO and in this post I will tell you how to get Targeted Traffic To Your Website.

In order to create a successful website you must have traffic or visitors to your site. Without traffic your perfect site is useless. Because traffic is an essential element of any successful site, many webmasters make the mistake of believing all traffic is generated equally. That’s where they make a huge mistake.

And if traffic is the King then targeted traffic is the God. Any type of traffíc is good, but there is a great distinction between ordinary traffic and targeted traffic.
So here are some ways you can take to get targeted traffic to your site:

Search Engines are Your Key To Sucess

Google is still the important one you should be worshipping online. Don't ignore the other two major demigods Yahoo! and MSN, but Google will deliver most of your traffíc. Your website stats will point this out to you daily, so you must optimize your site for Google. But if you need traffic coming quickly optimize your site for Yahoo because from my past experiences I have learnt Yahoo gives you traffic quickly. Google takes times to get to send some good amount of traffic.

Target The Right Keywords

You must target the right keywords in order to get useful traffíc to your site. You must first check the number of searches and amount of competition for your chosen keywords. You can use sites like sites like and which will give you the Overture and Word Tracker monthly stats to help you pick the right keywords for your site. Instead of picking highly competitive keywords, take the middle road and milk the 'long tail keywords’.

Have Relevant Content

Relevant, helpful content will also be the biggest magnet for targeted traffic. Surfers are usually looking for information, give them what they want and your site will reap the rewards. Original, high quality, relevant content will draw in targeted traffíc to your site so make sure you have some good content to satisfy your visitors and the search engines. Keep everything on topic and within the scope of your site.

Use Traffíc Modules

One of the most effective ways to bring in targeted traffíc is to create traffíc modules: whole areas of your site devoted to one sub-topic. For example, if you have a general site on cars, you could develop a whole section on a car-buying guide. Another section could be on car accessories, link all these pages together into a neat traffíc cluster on your site. The search engines will love these closely grouped pages and reward you with lots of targeted traffíc. Never stop learning new ways of how to increase website traffic.

Use Social Media
Build links and contacts in all the important social media networks such as MySpace, YouTube and Flickr. These social networks are a great source of targeted traffic.
On this note I’m finishing this post and I hope to write more articles for Matt in the future.


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