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Saturday, 28 April 2007

Google Updates Toolbar Page Rank!

At last Google have finally updated the Page Rank shown in their Toolbar! I am very happy about this! This site got a PR4 and Affiliate Programs and Internet Scams (my other site) did too. I am especially 'proud' to see how, despite my other site being only a third the age of this one, I managed to play 'catch up' and get an equal Page Rank!

I'm sure every other blogger in the blogosphere has posted about the PR update today. It could be said that it’s a waste for me to continue the trend. I could have gone for the 'controversial post', which I would have called 'Why all the talk of the PR update? but that would have been plain stupid. It is obvious why we are all exited about the Page Rank, simply because it allows for easier and more lucrative site monetization.

Page Rank is one of the major requirements third parties like Text Link Ads and ReviewMe are after.

I will post in more detail about Page Rank in the near future. In the meantime remember I am still looking for guest bloggers.


Steve Yu said...

Hi Matt,

congratulation on getting PR 4 for your blog. It is nice to get it, and my blog also get PR 4. I am way excited and delight with this new PR.

Best Wishes
Malaysia Love Agloco

matt608 said...

Thanks Steve,
congrats on your PR4 also. Lets hope we can make the most of it! :D

jay said...

Well done Matt. my blogs have two each which frankly I am pleased with, my proper website went up to three, still looking for a four there ideally. I think four is VERY repectable, just another couple of ranks to catch John Chow!!

Jeff_Munro said...

Good job bud. I also saw an improvement for my blog. PR5 now. Who would have thought? Don't know why people make SUCH a big deal about it though.
Cheers, Jeff

matt608 said...

Thanks guys,

Jeff, people make such a big deal about it because it means we can be accepted by more advertising thrid parties and generally make money money. For us in the 'Make money online' niche this is pretty important!


Make Money Online At Earning Blog said...

Well congrats Matt,

I got pr 2 for my personal blog

and i'm really happy


DotMySpot said...

Congrats to ur blog :))