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Monday, 30 April 2007

Freedom From John Chow!

Before the Page Rank Update, one of the many ingenious methods I used to increase my future Google Page Rank was to be on JohnChow's top commentator list. I managed to do this using the URL of Affiliate Programs and Internet Scams. John had a PR4 but updated to a PR6.

Those of you who think of yourself as somewhat 'wise owls' will be dying to tell me that Google Page Rank is constantly being updated and that what the Toolbar shows is 'only a snapshot'. I have to admit I really don't understand why people bother saying this. The whole reason why I (and many other bloggers in this niche) were so exited about the update is because having that 'snapshot' is all it takes to convince advertisers that our site actually has that Page Rank; which in turn allows for easier and more lucrative site monetisation. It is only about your sites search engine optimization, what it displays as PR matters too.

You might say 'isn't he being a bit cheeky to the advertisers?'. I say I am defiantly not. The next update probably wont be for another solid three months and so by then I would have easily gained that Page Rank the 'white hat' way; and probably rise above and beyond the stated Page Rank, giving the advertisers even more than they bargained for. If I were some backwater vagabond who was going to give up his blog, this would not be the case, however, fortunately I am not!

If you think about it, Page Rank is just like Gold. It doesn't really have a practical use, it just looks nice, but we have developed around it in such a way that it carries great value. I.e.:

We want it, because we make more from advertisers,
Advertisers want it because they can make more from other advertisers
etc etc, It just goes on for ever.

Nevertheless, according to my Sitening Tool Google has only updated some of the 'data centres' and will be updating the rest shortly.

Trick of the day:
I am mind numbingly happy I no longer 'need' to be on John Chow's top commentator list. However, if you are looking for a devilishly cheeky way to get an easy PR6 link at the next update, you may want to consider giving it a try!

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