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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Guest Bloggers Wanted!





Before anyone asks I am not looking for guest bloggers for any of the following reasons:

1. I'm diying
2. I'm going to Jail
3. I'm finally moving to the moon

The real reason is that the cursed exams are upon me! To make up for all the blogging I have done during the year (and lack of 'real' work) these A Level exams mean a ton of revision. At the moment I maintain two blogs, this one and 'Affiliate Programs and Internet Scams'.

I am aiming to have guest bloggers posting on both sites, so I that am writing just one post per day instead of two, ideally alternating between the two sites. This will only last for a month or so until my exams have all blown over and then I will be free to blog my heart out in my gap year.

I have already asked a few of my blogger friends but at the moment they are all blogged down in their own online ventures (which I totally understand).

As you can probably guess if you want to guest blog on this site, you will be writing about blogging and making money online. My other site focuses more specifically on affiliate programs and internet scams, which is what your post(s) will need to be about.

You may include in your post:
- Links to your site in the post! Providing they are relevant and don't disrupt the flow of the article.
- 5 lines in italics at the top of the post where you can introduce yourself and include a total of 2 links!

What else will you get?
- Free links to your site. This blog is predicted a Google Page Rank of 5 at the impending update and so those links will be quite valuable. The other normal SEO benefits also come with the inbound links to your site, not to mention the bonus on ranking systems like Technorati

- You can start to create a name for yourself in this niche. You may already have a 'online money making' blog and are looking for some extra traffic and a boost; or perhaps you have a blog in a totally different niche and want to launch your site with a bang.

- Social bookmarking benefits. At, for example, posts tend to get Dugg more often if their author didn't submit them. You could submit your post too all of the social bookmarking sites (using the Socialiser button which appears at the bottom of every post) and use your account on each site to submit them. The voters will see that the URL is different from that of the author who submitted them and so are more likely to vote for it!

- My gratitude and friendship! This may sound useless, but if you guest blog here there is no question that I will visit your blog regularly, comment on it and probably mention it in future posts. I don’t mean this will be a ‘forced affair, I have found that I naturally visit the blogs of people I regularly ‘network’ with.

- If you are just launching a new section to your blog that is relevant; your post can be about it! (This does not mean you can write an entire post about a new blogger freebie blog you are starting, hopefully you get the idea).

These are a the things I would like my guest blogger(s) to posses:
1. Good blogging and writing technique. We can't have the place falling apart when I'm busy!
2. Bloggers who have some experience the aforementioned niches. I'm not asking for experts, but theres no point in you posting about something I have already covered or that backtracks on this blogs development.
3. Enthusiastic bloggers whose passion will show through in their posts.

There is no precise 'word limit' for your posts, but 200 words is an absolute minimum, going all the way up to about 1000 if you want. If you would like to guest blog, just leave a comment to say hi, and/or e-mail me at

PS. Don’t forget to take part in The Ultimate Alexa Redirect Experiment!. I will post the results of the Experiemt as soon as Alexa updates its records.


Maria said...

Hello, I just faved your blog on Technorati and would appreciate it if you would do the same.

Add me to Your Technorati Favorites

See that I've added you.

Best regards!

- Maria

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Maria said...

Oops, also wanted to let you know I've added your blog to the list of related money-making sites at my site Guide to Internet

- Maria

matt608 said...

Hey maria,
thanks! I have faved you too on Technorati. No Guest bloggers out there?

Kumiko said...

Can I include my own affiliate links in the post (even if you are a member of the same program)?

matt608 said...

Yes, feel free to do so! - but remember if I have already posted about it then your post needs to have somthing original.

If you write the post, then e-mail it to me - It can be pasted in a word document(at the address given in the post) I will check it and publish it!

Earning Blog said...

Well Matt,

i can help ya out

matt608 said...

earning blog, great! Just e-mail me at with your post attached (it can be pasted into a word document). If you have any questions about what is 'allowed' just ask; BTW using your own affiliate links is fine.

Note - I'm not after dublicate content, so don't just send posts you have already posted!

I look forward to hearing from you :)

Earning Blog said...

Thanx Matt,

I will b looking forward to send u some good, original content for ur blog.

I will b sending content abt Get Paid To Sites.


Johnny Fuery said...

Is it too late? Exams already past?