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Saturday, 14 April 2007

Make Money with Affiliate Programs

Amidst the era of AdSense it is important to look to the future and predict what the game will be. I think affiliate programs are a major contender for the future.

Why do I think it will be 'the thing' to make money with affiliate programs?
- There are so many different companies that have an affiliate program; unlike AdSence where there are a few major players with one dominating the market (Google AdSence). This means affiliate programs are more stable. There have been mutters that Google won't be able to maintain its incredible growth rate for much longer and if 'something happens' to Google people will turn to the ever present, ever reliable affiliate programs to make money with.

- Affiliate programs are very adaptable. Sure, Google Adsense is contextual and highly targeted, but affiliate programs have ultimate flexibility. They allow you to chose the precise product you think will have a high conversion rate. You can totally customise the colours and blend them perfectly (providing you know how). Some affiliate programs may not allow you to customise their code to your hearts content but that’s the great thing about them; you can just find another affiliate program that does and make money with them instead.

- Affiliate programs don't make your site look tacky (providing you know how to use them on your website/blog). Due to it's over-use AdSence is very recognisable and the telltale 'ads by Google' massively reduces the click-through rate. Affiliate programs (again provided you find the right one) don't have these picky rules and regulations that prevent you from customising the ads. This is better for everyone.

How is is better for everyone?
- You the publisher make more money.
- The affiliate program you are working with makes more money.
- The customer buys the product they want.

People argue that blending ads is sneaky and shouldn't be done. I say that with affiliate programs you are being less sneaky than with AdSence. To be successful with an affiliate program you are going to need to believe in the product you are selling and know something about it. This means the product is more likely to be reliable, because given the choice (which you are with affiliate programs) you wouldn’t promote a bad product. This is not at all true with AdSence!

People say not to link into a bad neighbourhood, but I have no idea what sites I am sending people to via my AdSence Ads!.

The downside is that it takes time to get to know your product and market it well on your site. However, most half-experienced bloggers know that putting in time and effort pays off handsomely and is better in the long run than making a few quick bucks. I believe making money with affiliate programs is the future, which is why I started myAffiliate Programs site to guide people (and myself) to find the best affiliate program to use. What do you think about the future of online advertising?

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jay said...

That's odd I wrote a post for munny4hunny last week comparing adsense with affliliates, but hadn't actually used it yet - you have reminded me to get it posted..