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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

How to stop Google Analytics tracking your own visits: Tutorial

If you use Google Analytics it is very important to set up filters to stop your own visits to your site from skewing the statistics. This can be easily done and I will briefly outline the process:

1. Log in
2. Go to Account settings (in the top left).
3. Got to Filter manager
4. Click 'add filter'
5. You have several options here: You can either

- Exclude all traffic from a domain
- Exclude only traffic to a subdirectory
- Create a Custom filter (more advanced)
- Exclude all traffic from an IP address. To block your own visits this is the one to use.

6. You then make up a name for the filter.
7. Find your IP address and enter it in replacing the example they give. (enter it in the same format with the '\' included - just replace the numbers with your own).
8. The website that you are trying to create a filter for should have appeared in the 'available website profiles' box. Click on it once (so it turns blue) and then click 'add', which will move it into the 'selected website profiles box'.
9. Click 'finish' and your done!


Daryl W.T. Lau said...

Yo Matty,

I have recently moved my How To Earn Money Blogging blog to a new domain. I was hoping you can change the link in your blog to reflect this url: http://earn-money-blogging

I am still maintaining the old blog to feature blogspot optimization, templates and codings.

Thanks so much in advance and sorry to trouble you like this.

Warmest regards,
Daryl W.T. Lau

matt608 said...

Its done :) Good luck with your new site