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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Free Online Advertising Forums- Free traffic

The use of forums is a much blogged about method of getting free traffic. Forums are a great starting point for getting your site traffic, they do this in 2 ways:

1. Directly. People click on the link to your site that is in your 'sig' (signature) or forum post.
2. Indirectly. The inclusion of a link to your site (even in your sig) counts as a valid link in the all-seeing eyes of the search engines. This moves you up their rankings, which brings you more organic traffic.

Below is a brief list of free advertising forums I would recommend to joining:

Free advertising forums
The free ad forum
Post your ad for Free

A Google search for 'Free advertising forums' reveals a wealth of forums we can all use. The ones above are just some of the highest ranking ones which get the most traffic.

Things to remember
- Chose your user name appropriately. e.g. I have been using 'Matt@affiliateprograms' when promoting my new site.
- Pick an avatar image and stick with it. This is easier for you and also makes you more memorable. Personally I go for the mugshot.
- Write your Sig wisely. Don't include too many links. All that does is fragment possible clickers. I use a little slogan in my sig and keep it the same in each forum.
- Don't only post ads for your site. Respond to other posts. This gets you more links (as long as you include your sig) and more respect.

Those are a few tips of mine, I don't pretend to be the 'forum master' but hopefully those were useful.

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