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Friday, 9 February 2007

Text link Ads have a new Homepage Layout

Text Link Ads' new Homepage layout doesn't really affect anything, I mean its one page, on one site. So why am I even bothering to mention it? Because I strongly believe thatText Link Ads is going to get big, well I am it's a bit late for that 'belief' because they are already pretty massive.

They probably changed the Homepage for a number of reasons. On the old page their was some info about it's founders and not much about what Text link ads actually did. The plan behind this was to create trust with the early advertisers/publishers by showing some friendly faces including that of the co-founder Darren Rowse who is well known among the blogging community. Now that they have built up thousands of users they can rely on the strength of the brand name and they now boast about the number of users by saying"Join over 10,000+ publishers monetizing their sites.".

They have also maximised their income streams by starting up "Featured Publishers" who presumably pay to get on the homepage. The new Homepage also displays a new-found sense of confidence in their product e.g.

"Advertisers: Improve your traffic and search engine rankings.
Only TLA can deliver an ad that does both."

"Publishers: Make more money by selling text based ads.
Join over 10,000+ publishers monetizing their sites."

So as I said at the beginning, Text link ads are on the way up and we can learn from the techniques they used to become successful.

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