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Thursday, 8 February 2007

John Chow and Darren Rose Sitting in a Tree...

.... looking down on us and throwing us bones to keep us happy as we bark up at them.

Blinggest* def:
- Combination of biggest, most bling and blog e.g. 'I am the bliggest!'

Two of the blinggest* bloggers in the 'blogosphere', John Chow and Darren Rowse were seen passing AdWords messages. Darren (arguably the MOST blinggest of the two on the blogosphere) has hardly mentioned the subject. Perhaps he feels he doesn't need the feisty Canadian, after all he is currently ranked number 43 in Technorati, as opposed to John Chow has a 'mere' rank of 561. John seems adamant to keep the relationship open and proudly proclaimed it to be a "love fest". Google are apparently thrilled with the news and so am I. I am hoping Google with send them both a token gift, perhaps an 'extra-large' domain name where they can consummate their relationship.

I am a regular reader of both their blogs and feel they have taken on the role of 'idols' and are greatly admired by many 'wannabees'. In my humble opinion, bloggers who become idols should be made understand the power that is in their dextrous hands. If all they write about is how to be successful, we will end up with an entire generation of bloggers thinking that is the only important thing in life. Both John Chow and Darren Rose should have to satisfy the other needs of bloggers. I.E. they should learn to sing and dance (don't worry John your already halfway there!) and tell us stories about the 'olden days' of the Internet and teach us about the founding fathers of the blogosphere. After all, is that not what we demmand from 'offline' celebrities?

I just hope I’m not barking up the wrong tree.


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