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Sunday, 18 February 2007

McCall has over 16,000 AGLOCO referrals!

I have been covering the progress of John Chow's AGLOCO success but I have skipped over the progress of the number 1 referrer, RZ McCall. As you can see he has over 16,000 referrals, which will no doubt make him a millionaire. In his blog he explains how you can get 16,000 referrals in 90 days. This is what he says:

"This week get 10 friends (I know that you have more than ten people you know that the AGLOCO Revolution is right for). AND most importantly convince them to each get 10 referrals the next week (and check in with them to ‘help’ them get their ten - and it will quickly multipy). Tell them they are causing the revolution. Yes, you and they could end up making lots of money too. But for me, I did not join AGLOCO for the money and I do not write this blog for it either."

As much as I would love to believe he didn't join AGLOCO for the money, he does give some good advice, which clearly works given his success. He also thinks that the time to join AGLOCO is now:

"Why do I think that? I think this is a great time to join, because the AGLOCO membership is now growing at a geometric pace. (More people will join AGLOCO this week than last week and next week will be higher again.) This means AGLOCO will grow to hit a “tipping point” – that is the point at which there is a ‘mad dash’ to sign up and to sign up everyone in the world…. (OK – maybe “everyone in the world” was too high, but you get the picture.)"

Personally I agree with him (obviously), its free to join, so why not join my AGLOCO network.


Agloco said...

That's a lot of referrals.

matt608 said...

I know, and he only make 110 direct!