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Sunday, 18 February 2007

Hit Tail - A disheartening Reminder


As you can see from Hittail, my top two keyword phrases by a long way are, 'AGLOCO scam' and 'Wealthtoolbox'. If you look closer you will notice that the top 10 keywords are all to do with my referral programs (all of which I promote on this site, apart from Wealthtoolbox which I have doubts about). In a simple, boring sort of a way this is a good thing for me, it means that I am going to get referrals for these programs because lots of people view my posts on them and so they must be well ranked in the search engines. Although from another perspective this is quite disheartening….

When I started this blog at the very end of 2006 my aims were simple, to get referrals for various programs. This however, is no longer the case as I have learned that referral/affiliate programs 'should' be just one aspect of making money online. I have tried (and I still am trying) to make this blog something people actually find useful. My previous articles such as 8 Simple Rules for... Successful Blogging are testament to this. Hittail would suggest that I have failed in a sense, because far fewer people are actually reading them. It is not just Hittail that supports this, but it is obvious, I receive more comments on posts about e.g. AGLOCO or Bestcashrewards and its a fact, I get referrals for them, so why am I complaining??? (I actually don't know)

Anyway, looking at with a more sensible perspective, there is a reason for this and that is because there is far more competition for advice about making money online so it is harder to rank well in the search engines. All in all, the point of this post (other than for me to clear my head) was to give you an idea about the aims of this blog, where it came from, and where it’s going.

Coming up:
- In 1 week today there will be the first in the series of Google Analytics overviews for this site, where you will be lucky enough for to find out where this site gets its traffic from and how much it gets.
- I will be shifting to making weekly earnings reports instead of monthly ones which just take too long to wait for.
- Insider info about my new sites and partnership with Garry Conn.


Agloco said...

Nice blog you have there.

Mike Levin said...

Have faith. People are basically good. It's the determined searchers you have to wonder about.