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Friday, 16 February 2007

Blog Review: Earners blog

Stuart, over at Earners blog has offered a John Chow style 'Review my blog and get a 'free' linkback'; but this time there’s a twist. The best review of Earners Blog will also receive $25 via Paypal & an SEO Audit of their website with recommendations & thoughts.

I'm in!

Earners blog is one of the many sites (like this one) about making money online. It's also similar to this blog because it is also a top blog in it's niche :p. Earners blog has some great down-to-earth posts that we can all learn a little from. Stewart has been in the Online Marketing Industry for over 4 years currently works for one of the Fastest Growing SEO Companies in the World. This means he has knoweldge!.

Before writing this review I thought I should really get stuck into Earners blog so I browsed around and read a lot of the articles. These are the three most useful ones in my opinion, so if you read anything today, read these.

- Walkthough Affiliate Marketing
- Good Internal Linking Increases SE Rankings
- Do You Squidoo? (I will be checking out Squidoo myself soon).

Earners blog has quite a casual feel to it. Each post is summarised and you decide whether to 'continue reading' or not. I find my self 'picking and choosing' which posts I want to read more freely, because normally I would just read the title and make a decision 'to read or not to read - that is the question. With this layout however I can have a dabble in the post and make a more informed decision.

All in all, Earners blog has numerous posts about Affiliate marketing, Social Networking and AdSense that we all want to know about. A couple of the posts seem like they end without teaching me what I was expecting to learn, but generally this is a great site, so check out those links in list above.

Coming up: - Squidoo Stuff and a look at the pros and cons of traffic exchange programs.

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