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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

101 ways to make money online

Over at Experienced People there is a mega 5 page article listing 101 ways to make money online.

"50. Design and offer logos and icons downloadable for free

51. Award them to websites you like ... provided they pay you an "admin" fee every year to continue using the logo."

I found those two to be the most interesting. I might just implement them...although people would not only want a logo that is eye-catching, but it also needs to be from a reputable site. I may do that on the new site that I am planning (I have a few online 'ventures' going on right now so it will take a while for me to get round to physically building it, but stay tuned!). Many of the other 101 ideas are not really related to money from blogging and are more business oriented but if that’s what you want to get into then it's worth a read. There is a lot of stuff about eBay which, quite frankly is pushing the limits of making money online. Anyway, most of us know the basics, its just a case of letting time take its course and finding specific sites that can boost our progress along the way. The basic cycle is

Site design -->Make Content --> Attain Traffic --> Monetise traffic --> Make More content

Of course it's a little more complicated than that but those are the basic ideas behind making money from blogging. Site design has a far more important role to play in 'real' sites where there is much more flexibility and opportunities to make an original looking site.

COMING UP: A review of Earnersblog


Johnny Cash said...

I am glad to know you also like John Chow! I would add your site to my "Liked Mine Blog" section.


matt608 said...

Yep i'm a regular reader of his blog, I find myself posting about his agloco progress and I did a review of his blog way back in January.