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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

IWEBTool's Funky Page Rank Predictor

First I want to say sorry for not posting yesterday, I was out all day celebrating me and my friends 18th birthdays, which took the form of paintballing. I am still suffering the consequences of this, with 'welts' in a number of painful locations (including my ass!).

Anyway, back to the point. For all those poor Webmasters out there who are dying to get a Google Page Rank, this tool will sooth your mind. It is an accurate (around 80%) Page Rank predictor that uses the number of back links to your site to make its prediction. You can see in the screen shot that it has picked up 2,320 back links to this site and predicted me a PR of 5. This is really reassuring, especially because the next PR update wont be for a couple of months so just think what it will be by then! You can increase it for me by linking to this site! lol.

You can find this handy tool here.

Coming up: a review of a blog you will find useful, and a post all about Traffic Exchange programs.


Anonymous said...

Using that Future Pagerank Tool is against Google's Terms Of Use. Is it worth getting banned for?

I don't think it works anyway, it only takes into account the google backlinks that Google tells us, and we all know they don't tell us all of them.

matt608 said...

I wasn't aware it was against their TOS, do you have a link to the page where it says it is? Even so thanks for the heads up!