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Saturday, 17 February 2007

Squidoo - Web 2.0...and all that

While we sit here blogging, people around us are doing something that will make them rich. Everyone who is at least 1/50th nerd knows that Web 2.0 (social networks, online video etc) is where it's at. Why aren’t I doing it?

1. Because I'm lazy
2. Because I a bit.

In the meantime, while I gather my thoughts and ideas for the future what else is there to do but take a look at these sites and blog about them?

This morning I took a look at Squidoo. I first heard about it on Mylot and I though it could be a good place to promote my referral programs and get a little more traffic for this blog. You also earn on Squidoo from the AdSense ads that are displayed on your 'lenses' (pages) that you create. Sqidoo keeps a portion and you can chose whether to keep your portion or donate it to charity.

"with no other deductions, we pay 5% of our post-expense revenue directly to the charity pool, 50% directly to our lensmasters and retain the rest to pay off investors and employees"

I decided to make my first lens on an affiliate program and see if I could get some referrals (I know I'm so sleazy!). I typed in the search bar, 'AGLOCO', but there were already a zillion lenses on that, so I tried a couple of others and eventually I found one that there was only 1 other lens on; and that was Cashcrate.

Actually making a lens is pretty easy and there’s not really any point in me going through the process, you just follow the steps. The only hiccup was the first two times I clicked 'publish' it said there was an error on in my lens, so I just re-saved everything and it worked after that.

Here is the final product: My CashCrate lens.

The FAQ is pretty good and should answer any questions you have. Personally I think Squidoo is going to be huge, (it already has over 40,000 members). I’m going to do a lot more 'Squidooing' and see if I can make a reasonable amount of money from it. I will let you know the results!


MsFit said...

I love Squidoo!
It is super good for referral links and banners.

here is my squidoo

Im hooked!

matt608 said...

Hey thats a good idea, I will do one similar to that aswell. How many referrals have you got from your Squidoo page?