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Monday, 5 February 2007

January Monthly Earnings Report

No one knows why I didn'nt cover this in my January overview...even I don't. So I will briefly outline my January earnings now:

Mylot : $18.85
Adsense: $14.50
Text Link Ads : $25
Ciao: $11
Treasure Trooper: 0.50C
Cashcrate: $2.80

That’s all for January, totalling $61.30. For a first month this is pretty average. I’m expecting all these to rise a fair bit by the end of February as this blog gains momentum. Also by that stage I hopefully will have enough referrals on Bestcashrewards to start earning some BIGGER money. My AGLOCO earnings wont start to appear until March when the Viewbar is released, but I am paving the way for great things from them.

There are actually some extra earnings from a couple of survey sites but I don't have a record of how much of those earnings were from December so I left them out.

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