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Monday, 22 January 2007

Treasure Trooper - Online Money

Treasure Trooper is much like Cashcrate (see post on Cashcrate). You get paid to complete offers. These usually involve filling out a form or signing up to a survey panel. Often they request for an email address. I would recommend quickly starting a new email account using Yahoo or Hotmail, which are free and very easy to set up. You can then use that email address to fill out the forms. Unlike Cashcrate where I have earned $212, I am fairly new to Treasure Trooper and so I am yet to make much money from it.

note: with
Treasure Trooper and

You will earn you much more if you live in the USA or Canada as there are far more offers. This does not mean you cannot earn if you live elsewhere (I still earned $212 with Cashcrate and I live in England so think of how much you can earn if your are from the USA/Canada!).

If you do decide to sign up, please do so through one of my links, as I gain 20% of your earnings (don't worry you don't lose anything!).

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