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Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Blog Review: DotmySpot

I discovered Dotmyspot just a few days ago but it has already taken the proverbial title of ‘my favourite blog of the minute’ (unfortunately at the moment there is no official award for this...apart from a review!).

Dotmyspot is written by Michael Vanx, who by example, is a believer in my policy of 'be good to them and then will be good to you". She is an active and helpful member of Mylot and has a life ambition of making $1million online my the time she is 30 (which I think she will!).

Appearance wise Dotmyspot is great. It recently underwent a makeover, which has a quirky/arty feel to it.

Content wise there are in-depth categories on topics such as: latest news edition, make money$$, see my online income and a few others. There is even a forum that is gradually gaining momentum.

What I find so useful is that specific sites are recommended in her posts and that she has personal experience from them. It is updated a number of times per day with meaty articles full of original content. I know it sounds like I am sucking up, and you probably think Michael paid me to write this, but you would be wrong! I genuinely admire this site. My hat is off to you Michael, ...(if I wore one..).

Why not go to Dotmyspot now, exchange links and be featured in the 'top ten links'!.

Coming up: More great affiliate programme info and some earth shattering bombshells about page rank!

1 comment:

DotMySpot said...

:) Matt! :) thanks a million for the review.. really appreciate it.. all the best.. i wish u achieve 1 million as well.. good luck :)