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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Spicypage Update

SpicyPage has made an interesting update, I received this message earlier today:

"Dear matt608,

once again it is time to let you know about some cool new things that have been done on Spicypage.

- "Blog this" feature has been released. The feature allows you to publish sites/blogs or articles to your own blog directly from Spicypage.

- "Just Launched" section has been completed and opened to public. As the name implies, this section talks about new start-ups that have been recently launched. It provides detailed information about the products and services of that start-up.

Hope you are having a great time!
Spicypage Team"

This features looks like it has some potential. It shows how Spicypage is developing and slowly but surly becoming one of the big boys of in the social networking game. If you are a blogger and not a member of Spicypage yet, you can sign up here. I highly recommend it, its a great way to bring traffic to your site whether or not your site gets enough votes to be on the front page. As with any other social networking site it's a great way to make contacts online who you can have a 'symbiotic relationship' with, like with mediclorients ;)

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