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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Google Analytics

To make money from a blog you need traffic. I have already discussed in several previous posts about free methods of getting traffic. The next stage is understand WHERE that traffic came from and knowing WHAT you need to do to keep it coming back and what you need do to ATTRACT more traffic from other sources.

Google Analytics does just that. The image shows the fascinating diagrams and charts that greet me when I log into my Google Analytics account. There is a map of the world with the positions of my visitors plotted on. There are two pie charts that show me where my traffic has come from and how many visitors have returned which at the moment is 33% which I am quite pleased about.


Amongst other features, there is a conversion summary and a very interesting Marketing summary. This shows the top 5 sources (URLs visitors found my sites link on), the top 5 keywords for my site (surprisingly my number 1 is 'AGLOCO scam' and the top 5 campaigns. There is also a content summary that shows which posts you folks have been reading and a unique visitor tracking section. I AM WATCHING YOU!!!

The two other main sections are the marketing and content optimisation sections which provide more tasty charts and helpful pointers as to what you need to do for your blog to progress. These sections are highly detailed; in the marketing optimisation section alone there are over 20 subsections.

There is a lot to learn on Google Analytics but you can chose to use only the simple parts if you with. However I doubt you will be able to resist advancing you knowledge in the name of success.

Google Analytics is free (and I get no reward for you signing up). You can sign up here

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Sanjay Mayar said...

Hi Matt,
Good info on metrics to track, measure and gauge traffic. It's important people know that getting web traffic is only half the battle; one needs targeted traffic as well in order to optimize their revenue. Keep up the fine work! SearchAnyway's blog is going to start a similar series on how to build, keep and track targeted traffic. I'll let you know when things get rolling!