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Wednesday, 10 January 2007

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

I have been running though the ways to drive traffic to your site for free. SEO is one of these methods. A way of achieving it is by using the right KEYWORDS. A useful tool is Google keyword tool. Using that tool (there are others) you can actually get inside the minds of people. Rather than predicting what people will type, you can actually look at the evidence and see what they HAVE allready typed. It is commen practise amoung webmasters and you MUST make it a habit.

You may think it is pointless and that you can come up with these phrases, but that is A LIE. It comes up with things like :

how to tips
how to money
how to advice

Which are all relevant to this blog, but I would not have come up with them myself.

If you have done it already, do it now!

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