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Tuesday, 9 January 2007

How to Drive Traffic to your Blog

I have previously explained about ways of profiting from your blog and about affiliate programmes like bestcashrewards and AGLOCO. It is all well and good to be a member of such programmes, but how are you going to promote them without have a constant stream of traffic to your site?

Well, a major contributing factor is Search engine Optimisation (SEO). Traditionally this has been done by link exchanges, because each link is viewed as a 'vote' in the all-seeing eyes of the search engines. However this is all changing. The search engines are using more and more complex algorithms to help separate out the wheat from the chaff.

This does NOT mean link exchanges dead. You simply have to more picky when making them. There is little/NO value in having a link from a unknown, unrelated site. It will bring you no traffic because it doesn’t get any itself, and it is worthless in the eyes of the search engine because it is unrelated and is considered almost a sort of spam. This is BAD news for your site.

The solution is to attain links from RELEVANT AUTHORITY SITES. This means sites that are popular, get large amounts of traffic (you can find this out by using and Technorati, the biggest blog ranking site on the net). And as you know by know, they must have RELEVANT CONTENT.

This need for relevant content is why in some lines of Internet business, link exchanges are dead. If you think it through, if you are trying to sell a product, you are just putting links to your competitor’s sites right there for your customers to run off to. So DON'T use link exchanges if you are selling something!

For those of you who are not selling something, you can get link exchanges from authority sites by e.g. offering to write a review of their site containing links to their site and putting it on yours. For an example of this see my review of

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