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Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Increase Traffic: Blogger top 5 Essential Sites

I have previously talked about increasing traffic to your blog/website by using some slightly more sophisticated techniques. If feel I have missed out on telling you about the sites that EVERY blogger needs to know about to be successful.

1. Technorati This is an essential site for every blogger. It is a major blog directory if not THE main directory on the net. It is useful for a number of reasons.
1. Your ranking on it is valued by the higher paying advertisers, (like text link adds ADD LINK). You will NOT qualify to display these ads unless you have a high enough Technorati ranking.
2. It lets you know where you are. Meaning that if you only have a few, low ranking sites linking to yours, that is probably the reason you are experiencing low traffic.
3. If you have a high Technorati ranking you can use that figure to promote yourself.
4. Its ranking system motivates you to get links from AUTHORITY SITES, which directly AND indirectly increase your sites traffic.

2. Alexa This is much the same as Technorati, it is best to be on BOTH.

3. Digg This is THE main site where you can submit you articles (your longer, more in depth posts like this one). It brings you additional traffic just from posting them. If you get on the featured page it will cause a HUGE burst of traffic (we are talking 10,000s).

4. Isnare This is another major free article submission site. The submission time for free articles is considerably longer than Digg (which is near instant) but it will help bring you traffic in the long run. Isnare requires articles that are at least 300 words, but you get a 'box' at the end to display you link and advertise your site.

5. Affiliate campaigns. If you have a blog it is well worth signing up to some reliable affiliate sites because your blog is a great place to promote them for free. They can be big money earners with just a few affiliates if you choose wisely. My collection contains:


These sites a common knowledge among webmasters, they NEED to be with you as well!!

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