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Thursday, 4 January 2007

Review - John Chow Dot Com

Who is John Chow?

Believe it or not (I didn't at first) John Chow is Canadian. Despite this he knows how to party. This very minute he is getting his groove on in Las Vegas. So is he a computer geek or a party animal?

Well, according to him, he is a "dot com mogul". The precise meaning of this is debateable, but terms like 'blogger whore' and 'Google whore' come to mind. Hishomepage, which, despite being jam packed with ads is very informative and clearly laid out.

It will not take much reading of to realised how much there is for you to learn from the site. He gives out advice freely, with a number of very helpful posts about getting traffic to your site, as well as more recent posts on ideas to maintaining a good, novel site content. He also gives advice about AGLOCO and provides very persuasive arguments to join, which everyone can learn from.

Sometimes the site does feel like it is 'all about the money', what with the Google adsence ads, the AGLOCO updates and his monthly overview of his earnings. However, every now and then he makes a post that wins me back, e.g.Effects of drugs and alcohol on spider webs. He also has categories about his family, and the recent birth of this baby daughter, with a heart-warming photo. The donation of much of his earnings to charity, combined with this, all adds to the 'John Chow effect’, which keeps his site firmly in my bookmarks.

He recently has offered to link to anyone who writes a 200+ word review of his site, which is currently ranked 1320 on technorati. Find out more


Left blank said...

Nice review, perhaps you could try to make it look a bit more enthusiastic, right now the text looks a tiny bit dull - no offense.

soundofgold said...

Short and sweet and funny. I like this style of writing.

matt608 said...

Thanks! I livened it up abit after 'left blank' rightly said it was dull...