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Wednesday, 3 January 2007

AGLOCO summary:

AGLCOCO rewards you for browing the net using their trademark 'viewbar' (once availabe).

The way it works is simple. If you browse the net using their viewbar for 5 hours per month, they pay you whether or not you have ANY affiliates. You also get paid for when your affiliates use it, and when their affiliates use it. In this way it is possible to make a fair sum of money. However to be sucessful you must be able to get affiliates, although this is not especually hard because AGLOCO is a name that carries respect and people seem to know isn't a scam.

AGLOCO are planning to be on the stock market by the end of 2007, which presents us with an oppoutunity. Members get 0.25 shares per hour people in their network.

There are therefore 3 possible outcomes:
AGLOCO sinks, and doesnt grow fast enough, resulting in its members getting their earnings from their browsing using the viewbar, and nothing more.
AGLOCO grows like crazy and the IPO is successful, in which case the members shares which they have accumulated may be worth a fortune.
AGLOCO grows like crazy and attrats the attention of the big boys like google and yahoo. AGLOCO would then be bought out, like youtube, except the members of AGLOCO will make big money from it.

Unfortunatly we do not know which of these 3 scenarios will actually happen. I believe it is worth being a part of.

You can sign up for AGLOCO here: AGLOCO

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