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Thursday, 4 January 2007


Hello world! I soon will be adding exiting new articles to this blog! There will be a range of topics including archaeology (which I am studying), and more reviews of the most popular blogs out there to find out if they really deserve all the fuss. I am gradually shifting away from moneymaking advice in order to make this blog a thing of real interest to its readers. If you have suggestions for new topics go ahead and say them, you never know I might like your idea!

I do however have one more moneymaking site too tell you all about.

Bestcashrewards is a fairly new affiliate scheme, in which you get paid for viewing online seminars. Your earnings (once you have enough referrals) is $3000-$40000 per week, so there is potential there, despite the large need for referrals.

Bestcashrewards intends to reward you (the consumer) and the advertiser. If there are any advertisers out there this is what you have been looking for.

Advertisers have the opportunity to promote their product/service to thousands of people.

Once you have the referral requirement you get paid for each referral who watches an online seminar each week (were advertisers give a talk or ‘seminar’) talk live, online, to you. I suggest you have a chat to the moderators, who are online to help you 24/7 via mic (you can type your questions to them if you don’t have a mic. You can talk to them before making your decision about signing up, oh and signing up is free.

To take a look, click here.


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