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Sunday, 21 January 2007

Mylot: Update

I am very happy with the progress Mylot have made. They recently made this announcement:

"Over the past two months we have been working to significantly improve the myLot searching experience. With this new addition, users can now:

Search the web
Search myLot discussions
Search myLot photos
Search your own myLot private discussions

If you haven’t started using myLot Search, now is the perfect time to begin!

As always, we would love to hear your feedback regarding this new product."

Mylot has been growing so fast the team have been working overtime. Mylot is actually one of my smaller online earners; I only made about $25 from them last month. But that’s what so great about them, they are not all about the money. I actually enjoy spending time there. Its almost like a 'paid break' from all the other SEO and studying I do. You have to admit that letting out a lot of stress can be achieved by passionately arguing for your beliefs, or even just for the sake of it. The topics on Mylot are on anything you want, I tend to reply to ones that interest me rather than spamming them. You get paid more for writing more as well so this pays of nicely for me. I also pick up (and give out) some handy tips about making money online, which I implement when I’m back to work. This takes you to my Mylot profile where you can take a gander, and sign up if you


Kevin the Collie said...

Hi Matt

I was interested to read your experience with MyLot, I have been quite frustrated at the low returns I got so far. I will look out for you over there, maybe we can answer each other's discussions!

Flora said...

I love MyLot and have requested you as a friend, which is far more a greater benefit of me being there than just the money.

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