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Friday, 19 January 2007


If you have not already signed up, NOW is the time to become a member of AGLOCO. The custom Viewbar (see previous posts) is currently in beta testing and will be released at the end of February. For those of us who have signed up already, NOW is the golden era, where we can get a head start of the competition. Once the Viewbar is released, and the payouts begin, there will be a sudden rise in competition between AGLOCO members as they battle against each other to refer the huge influx of people wanting to sign up. So get referring as soon as possible!

Do you want to be one of the people who is prepared to refer this influx of potential affiliates?

Or do you want to be one of the millions, who at the last minute signs up and fails to get any referrals?

To be a part of this exiting programme click here
and follow the easy sign up steps:


Dj said...

The above agloco link does not work


for more info and details about the earning scheme.

Adam said...

Nice post about agloco I am already a member but I have a blog set up at if your interested in learning more about agloco, where they came from, where they are headed, who is behind them, staff interviews, podcasts, videos, referral tips, and much more.