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Monday, 8 January 2007

Successful Blogging For Money

Whether you are getting 100s, 1000s or 10,000s hits on your blog per day, you are GARENTEED to make more money if you DIVERSIFY.

What is Diversification?

It is when you generated MULTIPLE sources of income. This does not have to mean e.g. selling a physical product AND having adverts, it simply means don't put all your 'eggs in one basket'. This means you must not ONLY rely on adsense as your source of imcome. There ARE other ways to get ads on your blog out there. On of them is:

Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads have a far more stable level of income and can be displayed on the same page as adsence. The only 'down side' is your site needs fairly high levels of traffic, and good site content. In the wider schemes of things this is actually a good thing, because it motivates bloggers to fill their blog will original content and actually make them worth reading.

I have given you an alternate source of income from ads, now for another source of income altogether.

To generate income from this method you do NOT need any product to sell.

This method is known as AFFILAITE MARKETING. As everyone knows, there are scams out there so you must judge carefully. There are some affiliate programmes that have become so popular, OTHER people have taken the risk for you. One of these programmes is AGLOCO. You only have to read a few of my previous posts to understand the potential of this programme.

However this is only one affiliate programme and seeing as the lesson of the day is to DIVERSIFY, I will let you know about 1 more. This one is called bestcashrewards. I have a post about this in my archives. You can either go take a look at that, or click here to take a look.

And there it is. People ask me; 'why do you do all that stuff online?'. I used to have no choice that to say 'because I can' in a dramatic manner, now I can say, 'because I make lots of money'. And YOU can too!


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