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Thursday, 25 January 2007

Buy Links 90% OFF !!!

I have just drastically revised my prices. You can see in the post below that I WAS charging $30-$40 per month. That figure has been reduced to just $3 per month!!!!!!


I think I am going insane!

that is 90% off!!!

It is now just $3 per month, whether you want to buy a link in the list on the top right, or the one of the ones spread across the top of the page.


To buy a link, just lick on "Advertise Here" and follow the simple steps.

Any links, which contain profanity or nudity, will be excluded.

Best of luck!

1 comment:

InvestSound said...

Hi Matt,

You wrote me about the blogroll on mylot and on my blog a few weeks back:

I have added a blog roll on my blog now. Thanks to you for the idea! I also have added your blog there. check it out.

Thanks, Investsound(mylot: neo2neo)