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Thursday, 25 January 2007

ADvolcano - My new ads

I’m sure you all seen the blindingly obvious "Advertise Here" links at the top of the page. They have replaced my Google Adsense Text ad unit. I only Put them there yesterday, so now I’m just waiting for some people to buy the links for what is, quite frankly a BARGAIN!ADvolcano is so great because you don't need to be accepted, YOU chose the price for your ads.

Here is my pricing scheme:

One day, in the list on the top right. $2
2 days, in the list on the top right $1.50
1 Week, in the list on the top right $10
1 day, at the top of the page $2
2 days, at the top of the page $1.60
1 Week, at the top of the page $11
1 month, in the list on the top right $30
1 month, at the top of the page $40

As you can see, you get much better value for money if you go for longer periods of time. I have designed this to reward those of you who choose 1 month at e.g. the top right. If you do the math....fine ill do it for you.

Say if you were to buy 30 days INDIVIDUALY, one day at a time that would be $60 ($2x$30, BUT, if you chose to buy a link for a month it would be half price! ($30).

This is a rare ‘middle level’ blog. It is not one of the big boys, not is it brand new. These prices reflect that and give you a rare change to have some cheaper, 'test link buying'. Perhaps you don’t want to dish out $200 to buy a link from a major site until you know it will work. Well here’s the place to find out!

To buy a link, just click on one of the "Advertise Here" links and follow the simple steps.

Note: You will get best results if your link is related to the content of this site (SEO, blogging for money, paid online surveys, affiliate programmes and general ways to make money online are a few examples). I will not accept any inappropriate links/sites (I mean profanity, drugs etc, your site can be off topic, but you won't get as many click throughs).

Let the link fest begin!

Note: If you are a member of
I will be offering MAJOR discounts soon so wait till then!

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